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Publications - 2014

Perioperative Aspirin and Clonidine and Risk of Acute Kidney Injury



Volume 312, No. 21, 3 December 2014, Pages 2254-2264



  • CUHK: Matthew Chan [Details]

  • Monash: Paul Myles

Factors associated with multimorbidity and its link with poor blood pressure control among 223,286 hypertensive patients


International Journal of Cardiology

Volume 177, Issue 1, 15 November 2014, Pages 202–208



  • CUHK: Martin Wong [Details], Harry Wang, Bryan Yan [Details], Cheuk-Man Yu, Sian Griffiths

  • Monash: Andrew Coats

Race-Ethnicity and Cerebral Small Vessel Disease – Comparison between Chinese and White Populations


International Journal of Stroke

Volume 9, Issue SA100, 2014



  • CUHK: Vincent Mok [Details], Winnie Chu, Lawrence Wong [Details]

  • Monash: Velandai Srikanth, Chris Moran

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