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Projects led by CUHK

The role of histone demethylases in brain aging and age-related diseases

CUHK Supervisor: Cynthia Jiang

Monash Supervisor: Tobias Merson​

Student: Lin Gao(Commenced in Jan 2018)

Identifying the functional role of specific paracrine factors secreted from regulatory T-cells for cardiovascular regeneration

CUHK Supervisor: Kathy Lui

Monash Supervisor: Mikaël Martino

Student: Di Liu (Commenced on 1 Jan 2017)

3D Printing of Supramolecular geletin hydrogels for tissue engineering applications

CUHK Supervisor: Liming Bian

Monash Supervisor: Laurence Meagher

Mechanisms of germline stem cell maturation and ageing

CUHK Supervisor: Tin-Lap Lee

Monash Supervisor: Robin Hobbs

Student: Annie Wing-Tung Lee (Commenced on 1 Aug 2017)

Key messages:

  • Identified the genomic targets of Tet3 in spermatogonial stem cell development and aging.

  • Key factors contributed to the transcriptional regulation of Tet3.

  • Graph

Role of lncRNA H19 in Musculoskeletal development and repair

CUHK Supervisor: Gang Li

Monash Supervisor: Peter Currie

Student: Hai-Xing Wang (Commenced on 1 Aug 2017)

Projects led by Monash

Studying Sarcopenia in man and zebrafish

Monash Supervisor: Peter Currie
CUHK Supervisor: Gang Li

Effect of age-related epigenetic changes in neural stem/progenitor cells upon remyelination of the brain

Monash Supervisor: Tobias Merson
CUHK Supervisor: Cynthia Jiang

Engineering of a hydrogel system to recruit pro-regenerative T cells at sites of tissue injury

Monash Supervisor: Mikaël Martino
CUHK Supervisor: Kathy Lui

Mechanisms regulating germline progenitor cell identity and fate

Monash Supervisor: Robin Hobbs
CUHK Supervisor: Tin-Lap Lee

Tunable stiffness of biomaterials for bone tissue engineering

Monash Supervisor: Jess Frith
CUHK Supervisor: Rocky Tuan
Student: Ilze Donderwinkel (Commenced on 30 Oct 2017)

Effect of mechanical properties of the cell on the intracellular delivery of nanoparticles

Monash Supervisor: Tuncay Alan
CUHK Supervisor: Jonathan Choi

Robotic system for walking assistance

Monash Supervisor: Chao Chen
CUHK Supervisor: Raymond Tong

DNA-silicon based nanostructures for biomedical applications

Monash Supervisor: Nicolas Voelcker
CUHK Supervisor: Jonathan Choi

Student: Meihua Luo (Commenced on Nov 2017)

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